About us

Veloce Tours was founded by Mark Rodino to give American car enthusiasts the opportunity to drive on a continent that still exalts the art and passion of driving. Mark is an American who grew up in Germany, France, Italy and Switzerland and learned to drive in the USA but appreciated how to drive in Europe. Over the past forty years he has observed Europe maintain and upgrade its road and highway infrastructure, enforce disciplined drivers’ education and seatbelt laws, tighten up laws and regulations against drink driving, and ensure that motorcyclists wear helmets. This has allowed Europeans to drive in an environment which is much less controlled and supervised than the USA while seeing road fatality rates drop by 65% in forty years. Today, Western Europe has a lower fatality rate than the USA and yet highway speeds are higher and in Germany unlimited.

Veloce Tours is an American company run by Americans for Americans. We look at the European automotive landscape through the eyes of Americans and know and understand what Americans want to see and do in Europe in a way that Europeans would not since they are not as familiar with us. They know the stereotypes but not the real America. We are Americans and we deliver the experiences that Americans want.